I have always loved fairy tales (Might explain my choice of paranormal genre). They allowed me to escape reality if even for a brief moment and do or become things that everyone would claim impossible. They are the staple, which teach us that possibility is only limited by our imagination.

With that being said, stories which pay homage to some of our favorites (though rather loosely) seemed logical. The difference being we are no longer those six year olds who think all boys’ have cooties.

My choice for the Once Upon a Twisted Anthology is titled: Goldie Locked in Leather. It is a Ménage  story which leads readers through the misadventure of Goldie Chairbreaker the county estate she recently purchased to escape the ridicule by her family over her sexual appetite. When she becomes somewhat disoriented and stumbles across the home of the three Bear brothers she might just discover that this move might have been “Just Right”!

There has been a good bit of hushed scuttle about that pits those who write full novels against those who prefer short stories. Now I’m no expert on either but it would seem that a good story is good whether it has 2000 words or 200,000. They all require the same elements: a great plot, believable and well-designed characters, a buildup of tension, and a conclusion, which wraps it all into a pretty little package (at least for now). 

I have written both long and short pieces and feel the only real difference is the word count. I honestly love the characters in my short stories as much and in some cases more than those from the longer pieces. Now some might say I have not spent that much time with them bouncing about my head so do not have as much invested as authors who only write novels, this is not necessarily the truth. Many short story authors do an unimaginable amount of time researching and developing their characters. They are not passing fancies meant to get a random idea down on paper with little or no real time used to dwell into character development.

The current state of our society actually has swayed many readers to the Novella and short story categories over the past year. Which is understandable given the cost and time comparison of the two. In a world where we have little time to indulge in luxuries such  as cuddling up with a good book, Reads have discovered that in order to make their reading passions efficient that a well written short read is both more affordable and time effective.

Now I understand some folks will still growl that a short story cannot be as complete as a full novel and they have every right to their opinion. However, we should not hate on short reads that can get done in 5000 words what some cannot in 50,000.

I personally love and write both types and we, as authors, should just remember that the important thing is not how long the work is that people are reading but the fact they are reading period. This is true, especially in a society where everyone seems too busy to enjoy such things in any form of consistency.  





I am really excitied this morning! Cold Storage has earned a silver star over at ARe over night! This is my first individual star (Force Recon Anthology earned on earlier this year)! It is in the Horror Catagory. I am hoping this is a sign of great things to come from all my pending released. (3 in October, 2 in December).
WIsh me luck!
My latest Paranormal Menage story will be released this Saturday 9-17-11! Originally written for the ARe Once Bitten contest, it underwent several modification and additions once released  and now is ready for release!  This one is kinda spooky and I think readers will really enjoy it for the fall season.
ALSO.. the video is complete for the Once Upon A Twisted Tale Anthology from Rebel Ink!  http://youtu.be/RoWWxNmT2vs 
Be certain to check it out and tell me what you think!
Well the month of September has started out promising! Force Recon Somalia was released. It is the second in a series of three. I also signed the contract for a Christmas short for SIlver Publishings 25 Days of Christmas. Lets hope the Good JUJU keeps up!