I just finished my second manuscript for the second book,  the working title at this time is Blood Dawn: Seeds of Oden Book 2.
I still have a bit of polishing before it is ready to be submitted.  I think I will wait until Blood Dance has a release date before I actually submit it to Wild Horse for concideration.  I want to focus on promo for the first one before going ahead. 
If you have not already done so, check out the Blood Dance Items that can be purchased on the tab to your left.  There is a little something for everyone.
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Alright I know I dont have Blood Dance out yet, but I do have the second book in the (hopeful) series just about ready to submit.  I think I am going to wait till the first is ready for release before sending it out to Wild Horse Press.  As for book one, I still have not recieved it back from the editor so we dont have any idea for release date other than 2010.  I was hoping for sooner but You rarely get what you want.  Im just tickled that it was accepted.  I have been working on several diffrent ideas to help with promotion.  I am going to order a bunch of book marks to take around.  I was hoping the local libraries would take some for patrons to pickup at thier front desk.  We are also going to put out signs that announce the release with stores that will allow it.  There are several who will simply because of it being a local author.  My friend is also working on creating t-shirts that have the book cover, release date and where you can get them at printed on them.  Maybe I'll have a contest and give one away?? What I need to do is find a way to promote it up in Pittsburgh.  With hat being the setting, it might be a good place to sell.  Well if anyone has some ideas PLEASE let me know!!

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Welcome to my journey.  I am currently on my way to getting my first book published.  It was excepted by Wild Horse Press last week, and already we have worked out the contract, the cover, and the blurb.  I also managed to put together a book trailor.  All of which you'll find here on this site.  I guess now the real work begins.  I have been looking at the ways I can self promote.  I  have decided to start with this and a few more sites, posting the book trailor, and ordering a lot of book marks to handout and put out at various places.  I think I would like to put ads in the local papers and posters up when the release date gets closer as well.  I am open to suggestions so chime in with any ideas you have!!           Thanks

                                                                   JL OILER