Well like millions of others I grabbed my tickets and sat by anxiously hoping to hear my numbers called in that amazingly large Megamillions drawing. But just like everyone but one lucky individual in Maryland I came up about 6 numbers short. WHich means its back to the work world for me and back to the writing world as well.  I started yet another WIP. A Paranormal which is currently un-named and not completely thrashed out in my head. I can tell you this it has a very strong female lead character who seems to want to do all the talking right now. She is a sort of scientific Multi-breed, raised to hate and hunt her own kind. Her male counter part is a elemantal earth demon whose looking for his clans leader who vanished. Needless to say, Fate is about to give them both a very rude awakening!
I'll update you when I have more to share!
BTW - Lustful Reflections will be out on April 17- It my next Paranormal Menage!
Alright the first part of our little duel party theme for Reading-ROmances has drawn to a close (midnight last night)
and the Winner is....... Tina B 
I'll be contacting her today to confirm her email so that I get her Gift card to her promptly.
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Thank you to everyone who has stopped in during the Preparty blog hop! Now what you ask? HERE WE GO
ITS TIME TO PARTY BLOGIVERSARY STYLE!! It last for 12 Hours and if you hop over to Reading Romances you will find that they are giving away 1 prize every hour!! There will be a chat room where reader and writers can mingle and talk! I'm not certain what time I will arrive at the party (gotta do the work thing) but I promise to stop in! As for my site hmmm well I cant let them have all the fun. So starting Thursday at noon, all new blog comments and newsletter subscriptions will be entered in a chance to win yet another $10 Amazon Gift Card! That means I'm giving one away for the pre-party ending tonight at midnight, and one for the Blogiversary! You do realize you have a shot at both. Just make certain to post for both events on in my previous blog and once to this one (Or subscribe to newsletter).
How can it be that the bar keep has made the Last Call?? wow that went fast. Guess thats what happens when your blog hopping with great friends! Hope everyone has found some great stuff for thier TBR pile (I know I did)! To end things here at my site I thought I would leave you with one last drink recipe, a final chance to sign-up for that gift card, and the blurb for my next release!
Being true to my writing and the fact I really like the taste of this here it is....
Screaming Orgasm
1 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur

If we have three of them is it a Menage?
And as promised here is the cover and (unedited) Blurb for my next release (end of April)

Lustful Reflections: A Witch Among Werewolves
Haylie Fairbanks is the youngest child in a legendary witching family. Of course being at the top of the magic food chain does not come without consequences. Wizards like Adrian Caproete will always be plotting your downfall. Now Caproete has enlisted some help from the plane lying on the other side of the mirror and he’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the Fairbanks. Include kidnapping Haylie and ransoming her for an amulet said to be able to drain a witch’s power.

Enyalios, Gar, and Anut are werewolf warriors of Eridu, a world parallel to our own and reached by stepping through the reflective surface of an enchanted mirror. The mission that brings them to our plane seemed simple enough when the wizard proposed it, but on look at their quarry and a chase through the open air market in Morocco proves that this is far from the easy snatch and grab they expected.

After realization that they cannot turn the beauty over to Caproete for any fee, the men decide to instead offer the Fairbanks elder an unexpected option. They would allow Haylie to remain in their keep until the danger passes. Of course none of the three expected the girl’s father to make a counter offer, one that could certainly be a pleasure to fulfill.

Now caught in a plot that could cost her family everything, Haylie must decide if she can submit to what is best for her family and give herself over to the care of the Werewolves. The very men who sought to kidnap and trade her to her enemy. Men who offer more than a home and family, but the hopes of a love unmatched by anything Haylie has ever known.

STill time to grab a shot at a $10 Amazon gift card and other great prizes in the Reading Romances Blogiversary Pre-party hop!!  to celebrate here is the second of my drink recipes! Dont forget to visit the other Blog host for more great stuff! Want to know more about my writing? visit my welcome page for the cover and blurb on my latest release!! PS dont forget to comment for your chance to win!!
Tropical Ecstasy
1 ounce Absolut Vodka
1 ounce Blue Curacao
1 ounce coconut milk, sweetened
1 ounce Midori
WooHoo welcome to my blog on of a slew of stops ont the Reading Romances blogiversary hop!! For my contribution I have decided to give you a great drink recipe and a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!! Just post a comment! and dont forget to hit the button to the right to return to the main blog hop page to continut
2 oz red wine1/3 oz passion-fruit syrup2 oz ginger ale Pour into a frosted wine glass, and serve

Read more: Wicked Willy recipe http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink7115.html#ixzz1q457GXLC

Sorry no picture to share 8(
If you read my books you know that my characters enjoy a good hard drink!
Here is a bit about my latest release:
One Night Rodeo

Author: JL Oiler

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press


Katherine Wright is on a mission. After her family’s name is smeared in the rodeo world by false accusations of drugging, Katherine struggled to keep the family ranch, the Flying W, afloat. Now with a bull who promises to be the next champion, she's heading back to the world of cowboys and bucking bulls. But nothing could prepare her for the untrusting looks from the pair of hot, twin riders she encounters. Offered an exchange of one ride for another, Katherine finds she's risking more than her family name.  She’s risking her heart.

After Koby McGuire is stomped and gouged by a bull, he and his twin brother, Keith claw their way back into the top of the rodeo circuit. Catching wind that the Flying W ranch is attempting a comeback, Koby sees a chance at a bit of payback to the family he blames for his injuries. The last thing he expects was Katherine Wright.

Keith has always shared everything with his brother from the rodeo to women. So when Koby ask him extract a bit of payback, Keith half-heartedly agrees. Unfortunately, the other half of his heart belongs to the object of his twins’ vengeance.

 With their worlds permanently connected by the twin boys Katherine's carrying, the three must find a way to overcome the attitudes and anger that keeps them at odds. However, a rival bull breeder would rather see Katherine fall beneath the hooves of the bull he knows is prime breeding stock than fall for the charms of the twin riders. Will all hope for the three lovers be crushed in the arena or is this one rodeo they're destined to win?

Purchase Link:


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Special Congrats to my St Patricks Blog Hop Winner ERICA PIKE. I was a little slow at posting this and I'm sorry about that. I wanted to make certain I had the correct info for Erica before announcing just in case an alternative winner was needed. She chose a AMAZON Gift Card! Which has already been sent and she can enjoy!
Thank You to all who posted comments!!
Love the site traffic and comments for the Blog Hop! Remember one lucky hopper is gonna win a $10 gift card from either B&N or Amazon!!  Not only that but there are lots of other authors offering great prizes and then the chance at the grand prize! I do hope whom ever wins chooses to grab my latest release ONE NIGHT RODEO! There is a buy link and blurb on the welcome page!

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