My publisher recently updated the look and loo for the company.  I must say I like the Logo a lot.  It is a dressy and edgy look that goes great with the theme of the publisher.
I am looking at updating the entire site.  I would like to make it easier for visitors to move around and find what they are looking for.
I have managed to get another chapter done for Blood Denial: Seeds of Oden Book 3.  It still has a ways to go before its ready for submission so send me lots of good JUJU.
It sure is nice to have some warm weather.  I was a bit worried i might get spring fever and want to run around in the sunshine forgetting to write but it actually seems to have given me a creative boost.
Well if things keeping moving along we are looking at a late May or June paperback release for Blood Dance.  That means you will be able to get it at your favorite book store haunts like Boarders, Barnes and Noble and such.  To make it better were looking at a Late June or July e-release of Blood Dawn!!
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My third Book in my Seeds of Oden Series: Blood Denial, is at the 24000+  word mark.  I had a bit of trouble getting things to flow over the past week but it all came back together tonight.  To celebrate my rekindled thoughts I posted a bit of a sneek peek here on my web site.  Want a look?  Go to the Current Titles tag, Select Seeds of Oden and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
Have you taken advantage of the Wild Horse Press Sale going on at Coffeetime ROmance?  If not it would be a great opportunity to grab a copy of both Blood Dance and Eclipse of the Twin Moons. 
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So if you have not purchased your copy of Blood Dance or Eclipse of the Twin Moons do so!!
Well The winner was selected for the contest here at my site.  They recieved a free copy of Blood Dance: Seeds of Oden Book1.  As soon as I hear back I will post the name and any feedback they send.  I also awarded another entry a copy of my short story Eclipse of the Twin Moons.
As far as the third book in my series and any new work I have made some strides as of late and really and happy with what I have. 
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Well the numbers are in for Feb sales, and to say I an disappointed would be an understatement.  The numbers for Blood Dawn and Eclipse of the Twin Moons were so dismal that it has pushed me into a state of depression.  What else can I do?  that question has been running through my head ever since I opened the email that delivered the news.  What I have decided is that I am not seeing the return I expected with the Facebook or myspace ads so will most likely avoid those ventures from now on.  I think the best bang for the buck is the banner and cover ads at the various reader sites.  Of course I am always open to suggesion.
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Well my third book in the Seeds of Oden Series: Blood Denial is coming together good.  I am at around 22000 words now and it seems to be really be shining.  There are a few hang-ups that I need to go back and tweek just a bit. 
I also managed to get about a 1000 words into another story though I have yet to find a title that feels right.  Maybe it will have to wait until the story is complete.  Then again I still may need to find some help. 
If you have read either of my two releases please let me know what you thought.  If not grab your copy !!

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Alright maybe I am just being a bit sensitive, but I would really like to hear from someone who has read either Blood Dance or Eclipse of the Twin Moons.  I would like to know what worked and what did not so I can improve my stories and my writing. 
I also have only recieved a handful of entries for a free copy of Blood Dance.  So what do I need to do to get the word out??
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